Energy Source ES Defrosting Tray – ECO Friendly (Silver) Buy it online! Enjoy 10% OFF + FREE SHIPPING


Energy Source ES Defrosting Tray – ECO Friendly (Silver)
Light! Green ! Fastest Thaw!

Product Features

• Dissipates cold and draws ambient warmth to the surface
• Eco-Friendly – No Electricity required
• PCI Aircraft Aluminum Operation Mechanism
• Cleaner than soaking
• Gentler than microwaving
• Faster (up to 4x) than traditional countertop thawing
• Easy to Wash

Built-in Energy Source System and Green Design

The Energy Source (ES) Defrosting Tray is using special operation mechanism on Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer Technology to
thaw the food quickly ( up to 3x – 5x ).No electricity, No hot water, No batteries. Simply set a flat piece of food and our ES Defrosting
Tray goes to work. There is no recovering time and no waiting for the second, third and the fourth defrosting task. Energy reservoir will
automatically replenish via thermos uilibrium with the ambient air through our patterned micro fin structure.

Quality cuts deserve a delicate touch. When you’re preparing the finest ingredients, every step counts. The Energy Source (ES) Defrosting
Tray! Defrosts meat right on the counter top without any external heat or power source for a gentle, even thaw in less than half the time
of traditionalcountertop thawing. Get your meal off to start it deserves.

ES Defrosting Tray – ECO Friendly

. Materials: PCI Aircraft Aluminum
. Weight: 13.9oz (395g)
. Dimensions: 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 0.1″
(30 cm x 30 cm x 0.25 cm)


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